Post-slaughter carriage system

Transport of slaughterhouse waste is an important element in the meat industry. In order to improve it, we build systems within the factory transport system according to the latest technology.



  • Our system is designed to separate meat from waste from slaughtering of slaughter animals.
  • Collecting all waste generated during slaughter.
  • Shipment of waste to appropriate waste containers in a room designated in the "dirty" slaughter zone.

Purpose of installation:

  • Adaptation to European Union requirements for indoor waste transport in slaughterhouses where "clean" and "dirty" slaughter roads can not penetrate in any phase.
  • Changing technical and sanitary standards that guarantee the safety and health of consumers.
  • Simplify and automate the slaughtering and, consequently, reduce the cost of slaughter.
  • Enabling segregation of waste for disposal or further processing into petfood.


  • Vacuum technology safe for humans and the environment, compliant with EU standards.
  • Easy to use system with the use of cyclones ba waste and vacuum pumps.
  • Elements made of stainless steel, ideal for the food industry.
  • The proposed solution minimizes the use of compressed air to save electricity.
  • Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and automation of slaughter.

System Components:

A user-configurable system consisting of the following modules:

  • Baths emptied automatically.
  • Vacuum pump generates a vacuum that transports waste in tight piping.
  • Water separator with filter enables separation of waste.
  • Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum Tank.
  • Stainless steel pipe.
  • Cyclone for waste of acid-proof steel.
  • Waste container for disposal or further processing.

The entire system is supervised by a microprocessor controller and the executive elements of the system are made according to the individual needs of the slaughterhouse.
We also build systems to remove blood and bone bristles, etc.
Taking into account the individual needs of each customer, we are able to design workstations as desired. Every person working on a given position stands on the platform of optimal height in relation to the scope of his activities. Throughout the operation, the line with the inks suspended slowly moves forward. All waste is thrown into the waste tanks designated for this purpose and automatically transferred to the vacuum system from time to time and then directed to the selected waste containers.



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The attractiveness of our offer is driven by the fact that our components, components and components are extremely competitive priced, all thanks to the trade agreements signed with their manufacturers. If you would like to use your own internal capacity when assembling your lines - in a predefined range - this would significantly reduce your costs and shorten the duration of your project.
If you would like to know the technical details of the entire production process, we would be happy to discuss it with you at your convenience.
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